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Australian Slang spag bog: spaghetti bolognese
maccas: mcdonalds
ranga: person with red hair (from orangutan!)
woop woop: the middle of nowhere (very far away)
arvo: afternoon (see also: s'arvo, meaning, this afternoon)
chrissy: christmas
thongs: "flip-flops" them things that go on your feet
bikkies: biscuit
prawn: the much better version of "shrimp"
brekkie: breakfast
bludge: to not do anything/skip school (see also: bludger, a person who routinely skives off)
chokkers: really full
bogan: the Australian version of rednecks but with less guns
drongo: dumbarse, idiot
mozzie: a mosquito
chook: a chicken
dropkick: useless loser